Mass Transit - Rail

Scope of Work:

  • Signal Systems
  • Traction Power Substations and Cable
  • DC Power Rectifiers
  • High Voltage Switchgear
  • Communications Systems
  • Overhead Centenary System
  • 480V Power Systems
  • Tunnel Ventilation Systems
  • Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA)
  • Fiber Optics
  • Switches
  • Signals
  • Track Circuits
  • Grounding

PATH Tunnel E&F Event Detection System (EDS)
Expected Completion: June 2019
This contract provides for the installation of an event detection system in conformance with PATH Security Program recommendations to increase situational awareness and minimize impacts on PATH operations in the event of a breach to a tunnel wall in the under-river portions of Tunnels E and F between Exchange Place and the World Trade Center (WTC). The Work under this contract consists of installing an Event Detection System inclusive of fiber continuity cables, closed-circuit television surveillance cameras, vibration sensors, water level sensors, servers, and controller equipment and associated infrastructure at the PATH tunnels and train control centers. These sensors and equipment will provide information that will assist incident command in evacuation, response, and closure of the flood gates.

PATH Restoration due to 911 (PANY&NJ)
Completed in the year 2003
This fast paced contract for the Restoration of Path Train Service from New Jersey to World Trade Center Site following 911 included the Electrical installation of  480V, 5kV, and 27kV Power distribution systems, Communications and SCADA systems, Signal System, Electric Traction Power System, Fiber Optics, Fire Detection, Lighting, and Temporary Construction facilities. All major work (Station Opening) was completed within 18 months of award.

This design build contract includes installation of a state of the art CBTC system along the PATH railway, in addition to the installation of a traditional signal system. The infrastructure of the project includes the installation of approximately 250 Helix Foundations installed on rail. Contract is on-going and under construction and is being performed by DAJV.

PATCO Pole Line and Feeder Replacement (DRPA)

Completed in the year 2013
The purpose of this project was to replace vital railroad power systems dating back to the initial construction of the PATCO High Speed Line in 1969. The scope of work included the replacement of 832 aging wood utility poles, approximately 12 miles along both Eastbound and Westbound tracks, with new composite fiberglass poles; installation of over 200,000 LF of 26.4kV traction power cable and 2.4kV signal power cable and equipment; installation of fiber optic cable, multi-pair copper communications cable and signal control cable; transfer of various existing cables from old to new poles; demolition of wood poles, abandoned cable, power equipment and signal equipment. The scope also included extensive conduit work beneath two viaduct structures, through two tunnels, underground into 32 new pad-mounted 10kVA transformers, 14 new pad-mounted disconnect switches, 10 signal cases and various local and express junction boxes.

Hudson-Bergen Light Rail (NJ Transit)
ISO-2 Phase $14,000,000 - Completed in 2001
ISO-3 Phase $6,500,000 - Completed in 2003
MOS-2 Phase $12,700,000 - Completed in 2005

Train Signal Control System for the Canarsie and Jamaica Transit Yards (MTA)
Completed in the year 1991

Newark City Subway Ventilation Improvements (NJ Transit)

Completed in the year 2005

Lackawanna Line Train Signal Control and Power System (NJ Transit)

Completed in the year 1983

Canarsie Concourse and 7th Avenue Train Control and Power Upgrades

Completed in the year 1990

NY City Westside Storage Yard Traction Power System (MTA)

Completed in the year 1984

Matawan to Long Branch Catenary Power and Signal System (NJ Transit)
Completed in the year 1989

North Jersey Coast Line Train Signal Control and Power System (NJ Transit)

Completed in the year 1982

Erie Lackawanna Line Train Signal Control and Power System (NJ Transit)

Completed in the year 1985

NYCTA Substations (4 new Substations) and Power Rectifiers (NYCTA)
Completed in the year 2000

NYCTA Power Rectifiers and Substations (NYCTA)

Completed in the year 2000

Long Island Railroad Transit Yard Switching and Signal Station (MTA)

Completed in the year 1988

NYCTA Substations (8 new Substations) and Power Rectifiers (NYCTA)

Completed in the year 1997

Newark City Subway Catenary (NJ Transit)

Completed in the year 2001

Electric Traction Power System Newark Subway (NJ Transit)

Completed in the year 2000

NJ Coast Line Traction Power Mitigation (NJ Transit)

Completed in the year 1999

South Amboy Substation (NJ Transit)
Completed in the year 1999