Intelligent Transportation Systems

Installation and completion of Intelligent Traffic System work on a statewide basis. Integration and construction of systems including but not limited to:

  • Cameras, including poles up to 100’ with lowering device systems(CCTV)
  • Dynamic Variable Messaging Signs (DMS/VMS)
  • Highway Advisory Radio (HARs)
  • Transcom Sites (Travel Time Systems)
  • Roadway Weather Information Systems (RWIS)
  • Fiber Optic Cable Installation and Splicing
  • Overhead and Ground Mounted Sign Support Structures and Foundations
  • Weigh In Motion Systems (WIM)
  • Adaptive Traffic Signal Systems
  • Bluetooth Wireless Readers

NJDOT Smart Moves South 2015
Completion: March 2018
Installation of four (4) ITS sites which include One (1) standalone Camera Camera Surveillance System (CSS), (1) Standalone Dynamic Message Sign (DMS) site and two (2) Truck Rollover sites which involve a combination of Wight in Motion (WIM) sensors, a DMS, and CSSs to prevent and / or detect an event when a truck has rolled over due to the sharp curves in the roadway.

NJDOT I-195, Route 9 and Route 138 ITS Facilities
Completion: June 2018
Construction of 12 miles of underground trenching and conduit to facilitate the installation of 96 strand fiber optic cable as well as four (4) Dynamic Messaging Signs (DMSs), 13 Camera Surveillance System (CSS), and 13 Travel Time Systems (TTS).

PANYNJ GWB-244.048 Replacement of Suspender Ropes and Rehabilitation of Main Cables
Expected Completion: December 2026
Electrical Work to support the Replacement of Suspender Robes and Rehabilitation of Main Cables. Electrical Work includes the Temporary and Permanent Installation of Conduit and Cable Systems for Upper Level and Lower Level Lighting, Receptacles, 5KV Power Feeders, Fiber Optic Communications, Telephone, and other various systems. Other work includes the removal and replacement of Necklace Lights, Installation of a Cable Dehumidification System, Acoustic Monitoring System, Pedestrian Use Path Lighting, Traffic Signals, as well as other work.

NJDOT Job Order Contract-ITS Maintenance 2017-North, Maintenance of Intelligent Transportations Systems
Expected Completion: May 2019
Work includes the repair of damaged ITS facilities throughout the northern Counties of New Jersey.

NJDOT Route 18, South of Texas Road to Rues Lane, Pavement
Expected Completion: November 2019
Work is to include construction of 5 miles of underground trenching and conduit to facilitate the installation of 96 strand fiber optic cable as well as (3) Dynamic Messaging Signs (DMSs), (5) Camera Surveillance System (CSS), and (5) Travel Time Systems (TTS) job sites.  Improvements to (3) traffic signal intersections as well as (1) complete rehabilitation of a traffic signal system is also included.

Pulaski Skyway Contract #4 (NJDOT)
Working as a joint venture with CCA Civil, the electrical scope of work includes the electrical support and installation of permanent power & lighting along with new ITS devices for the Pulaski Skyway Rehabilitation. Installation includes 194 decorative luminaires, navigation and aviation lighting systems, pier lighting, a temporary highway lighting system while the bridge is under construction, and over 57,000’ of bridge mounted conduit . Contract 4 also includes an array of new ITS devices including (4) Travel Time System Antennas, (2) Dynamic Messaging Signs, over 21,000’ of new Fiber Optic Cable, and (8) Traffic Cameras that will help alert motorists to delays.

Traffic Signal Contract 16 (NJDOT)
Completed in the Year 2006
The contract work included a computerized traffic control system and fiber optic communications system for all of Southern New Jersey. Project included the installation of 80 miles of FO Cable, 22 Cameras, 11 Variable Message Signs, 89 Traffic Signal Intersections, 230,000 square feet of Milling and Paving, 40,000 Square Feet of Sidewalk, and 265 Traffic Foundations. Also included was the general construction of the South Traffic Operations Room and Computer Communication Room.

Lincoln & Holland Tunnel ITS (PANY&NJ)
Completed in the Year 2005
This Design Build Contract included the Installation of approximately 100 Color CCTV Cameras, 20 VMS's, 30 Probe Vehicle Detectors at various locations around the Lincoln and Holland Tunnel Entrances in NY and NJ. Devices were connected with FO Cable back to a new head end Communication Center. The contract work also included replacement of the entire FO infrastructure through the Holland Tunnel.

GWB Communication Infrastructure Replacement (PANY&NJ)

Completed in the year 2005
Installation of approximately 50,000 feet of exposed PVC coated conduit and 30,000 feet of fiber optic cable from Fletcher Avenue to Amsterdam Avenue on the Eastbound and Westbound roadways to create a new communication ring. Work also included the installation of 12 Structural steel Platforms for future Communication Cabinets to be installed under Contract GWB-480 which was also constructed by Daidone Electric.

Route 22 Traffic Signal Improvements / ITS Closed Loop System (NJDOT)
The contract work included the creation of an integrated system interconnecting eighteen traffic signals into one Controlled Traffic Signal System (CTSS). This includes the complete replacement of the existing traffic signal systems at five intersections and geometric improvements and signal modifications to seven other intersections. In addition, the project includes the installation of: Six new traffic cameras for the Camera Surveillance System (CSS), four (4) Travel Time System (TTS), two (2) new permanent electronic Dynamic Message Signs (DMS) and fiber optic wireless communication connecting the entire new integrated system to the Statewide Traffic Management Center in Woodbridge.

George Washington Bridge Communication System Replacement (PANY&NJ)
Completed in the year 2007
The contract work included the installation of 28 new communication nodes throughout and around the GWB Facility. Provisions for the node power safety, and security were installed. All facility information and security systems were cut over from the existing communication system to the new system and tested.

Smart Moves 2005 (NJDOT)

Completed in the Year 2007

NJDOT ITS Maintenance Contract Statewide 2010 (NJDOT)
Completed in the Year 2013

Rt. 78 Metro ITS Contract 2008 (NJDOT)

Completed in the Year 2009

George Washington Bridge ITS (PANY&NJ)

Completed in the Year 2000

Traffic Monitoring Systems 2005 (NJDOT)

Completed in the Year 2008

I-287 Mile Post 5-12 Resurfacing (NJDOT)

Completed in the Year 2011

Smart Moves 2007 (NJDOT)
Completed in the Year 2010

Traffic Monitoring Systems 2012 (NJDOT)


Route 21 ITS System (NJDOT)

Completed in the Year 2005

Uniform Traffic Controller System Extension (Newark)


Rt. 280 Resurfacing (NJDOT)
Completed in the Year 2012

NJSEA VMS Replacement
Completed in the Year 2013